Covid-19 Update

Dear TruTac customers, partners and suppliers,

During this Covid-19 global outbreak, I wanted to reassure you of our plans to continue our high level of service and support over the coming months. We will be operating as usual, ensuring service is maintained throughout this difficult time. While taking our own precautions, we will of course follow Government advice on the best course of action to protect our staff and customers.

All our systems are hosted in world class Microsoft data centres and will remain available as usual and without interruption.

We have reduced travel where possible, opting for the use of conference calls and online product demonstrations instead. To protect our staff while working offsite, we have ensured they have the necessary equipment to carry out their duties, including additional sanitation equipment.

TruTac are now as per government suggestion putting stronger quarantine rules into place, and as such are creating a virtual office environment with staff working from home using communications systems already in place. The customer service and sales teams will still be contactable on existing phone numbers with no loss of service or support to you as our customers.

I would like to thank all our customers and users for working with us through this difficult time and again want to reassure you that our aim is to continue to provide a high level of service and support. And finally I want to thank all TruTac staff who have shown such determination to minimise the effect on our hard won reputation for outstanding service.

Kind regards,

Terry Ramsey

TruTac Managing Director