The software package has been designed to analyse both digital and analogue tachographs combined, and is exclusively available to CPT members with a 20% discount.

Set under the rules of EU and Domestic Drivers’ Hours and the Working Time Directive, the PSV-specific software includes complete web-based tacho analysis; instant access to data; manager and driver dashboards; and free upgrades and support.

The service is being launched today (Wednesday) at the depot of Johnsons of Henley-in-Arden, the first operator to use it.

Peter Gomersall, the CPT’s Deputy Chief Executive, says: “I am delighted to launch CPT Tacho Analysis.

“It has never been so important for coach and bus operators to be compliant and this service will help to make sure that our members do not fall foul of the law.”

TruTrac was appointed as a Commercial Partner to the CPT six months ago, and the two organisations have been working closely together to perfect the product and its pricing options.

Says Mr Gomersall: “Looking at our role as a trade body, most of our work with operators relates to compliance advice and supporting operators’ existing compliance regimes. We feel that compliance is an area in which we have to be extremely proactive, and CPT Tacho Analysis further emphasises the importance that both CPT and the industry place on being fully compliant.”

TruTac is the CPT’s seventh Commercial Partner, joining specialists in insurance, legal advice, maintenance compliance and translation services in offering valuable expertise to members.

Mr Gomersall adds: “In addition to all the influencing work the CPT does behind the scenes on behalf of the coach and bus industry, and the advice we can give, the commercial benefits help to deliver real cost savings to our members.”

A crucial benefit of the system is that it feeds back to the driver, says TruTrac’s Dean Baker. It includes a driver log-in called TruDriver that allows drivers to see their personal tacho data, including any infringements, and what hours they have remaining.

“It puts back into the driver’s hands the information they had in the analogue-tacho world,” says Mr Baker. “It also allows the operator to highlight to the driver where he or she has infringed, so they can understand what happened and avoid it in future.”

To register for the service, CPT members can contact TruTac on 024 7669 0000 and quote their CPT membership number. 

TruTac will be attending the CPT’s regional meetings in the coming months to give demonstrations. Call 020 7257 2521 to find out where.