Enhanced Products from TruTac

Tachograph and compliance experts TruTac, have just released four new features in their TruControl V8 analysis and reporting product. After listening to various fleet operators suggestions they designed a new driver infringement calendar. The calendar allows all driver infringements to be accessed at the click of a button for easy day by day compliance management. As part of overall product enhancement strategy, they have also expanded their range of automated reporting functions for greater configurability.

This means automated reporting can now be done on a category basis, enabling more detailed reporting on critical operations data. The other two enhancements also relate to the reporting suite. The unknown drivers report enables operators to set a distance and time, so they can only see unknown drivers who fall within those parameters. This gives a simpler way of filtering out shunters or other unrecorded movements of vehicles so data is more relevant.

The final enhancement allows all TruControl reports to be customised with users own logo’s, giving consistent branding and feel throughout. This is a major benefit for operators who are keen to protect their brand image across all reports and management paperwork.

Jemma James, TruTac’s Operations and Marketing Director stated “Customisable reports and branding is a key added benefit for our clients who are keen to improve compliance and protect their brand identity. Yet again this is an example of how we work with clients to deliver enhanced products they have suggested.”

For further information or for a free demonstration on any of TruTac’s products please contact TruTac on 02476 690000,