Leading the Field with Remote Downloading

TruTac, the tachograph and software experts are leading the field with their integrated products to give a 360 degree view of fleet compliance. As part of their latest product release, they’ve expanded their range of compliance technology to provide greater integration with various telematics providers to enable remote downloading of tachograph data through existing equipment.

In today’s competitive and time pressurised transport environment, operators require instant, accurate tachograph data and they want to download data via existing telematics equipment rather than invest in additional hardware devices and extra data charges.

Their TruControl tachograph analysis and reporting product now works with a number of different telematics providers and includes a variety of remote downloading and telematics integration options. The data is then presented in sleek dashboards, combined with over 80 powerful management reports.

As TruTac has chosen to work with a number of telematics providers instead of just one, it means their customers have more options to pick the solution most suited to their operational needs. Terry Ramsey, TruTac’s Managing Director states “This new technology is making the management of critical data from various sources easier. Operational fleet performance data is more accurate than ever before.”

Transport managers can now seamlessly integrate digital tachograph data with routes and driver information to give an accurate picture of fleet performance. This allows the company to prioritise areas they see as key performance indicators to their operation.

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