TruTac eases public inquiries for AS Miles’ Consulting clients

TruTac compliance and fleet management software has helped a swathe of commercial vehicle fleets facing Traffic Commissioner public inquiries due to its clarity, ease of use, and scalability.

AS Miles Consulting, which specialises in assisting operators with compliance and other complex aspects of road transport, frequently uses TruTac products to support its clients. Helping companies facing a public inquiry – action ordered by traffic commissioners to obtain information about HGV, LGV and PSV operators – is among its specialities and the software is an enormous asset, according to managing director, Andrew Miles.

“One of our clients is a plant hire and machinery specialist with seven vehicles” says Andrew. “They had a bad public inquiry about 12 months ago so we started them off with TruAnalysis. It went well, so we built it to include recording their maintenance requirements and planning with TruFleet, and the TruChecks walkaround app”.

“They’ve run them for about nine months now, and their follow-up visit with the DVSA lasted less than 30 minutes. The inspectors said, ‘this is lovely; no further action needed,’ because of the level of visibility the software provides. Not only that, but they’ve also attained FORS Bronze.”

TruAnalysis makes tachograph management, driver debriefing and accurate compliance reporting quick and easy, say TruTac. While automated email reporting, configurable dashboards, and simple divisions management provide complete control over drivers’ hours.

TruFleet is the company’s intelligent fleet management system, which delivers seamless planning and co-ordination of vehicle maintenance and compliance in real-time, and TruChecks is the firm’s daily driver walkaround driver checking app and back-office compliance reporting system.

In addition, TruFleet now has an extra chargeable Workshop module that allows a workshop to create their own bespoke templates for inspections and servicing, maintenance, and then upload these directly to TruFleet when completed.

The mechanic can log in on a table, phone or PC and electronically complete an inspection repair or maintenance sheet. The TruFleet calendar entries informs the mechanic of what work is required and which vehicle or trailer. This is a great feature for companies that have their own VMU’s or local independent workshop.

As Andrew explains, the ease and clarity of TruTac’s systems, along with its customer support, are what make them so applicable to AS Miles’ operators.

“When we get a client, they can be on all sorts of systems. Some of them have graphics that look like they’ve come off a Nintendo from the 1980s, and one we saw a few months ago looked like Ceefax pages. We recently worked with an environmental business running a mixture of 7.5 up to 26-tonne vehicles, which was in front of the traffic commissioner, and the company had no idea what was happening because of the product they’d been sold. They didn’t know how to use it, they didn’t know what it did, and they had no support.

“We put TruAnalysis in, spent a little bit of time setting it up and showing them how to use it, then they went into the public inquiry. They were able to demonstrate that things weren’t as bad as the DVSA suspected.”

Andrew further explains that they’d run reports, downloaded all the information from the vehicles, and put together a package that allowed the defence barrister and the traffic commissioner to have a view of the true state of the company, and to make decisions based on reality, not just guessing.

“We happen to think TruTac have the best products out there, they’re very straightforward to use, and one of the things we’ve always liked is that the customer support is, I think, ahead of everybody else in the field.”

To learn more about TruTac products and how they can improve compliance and save time, contact TruTac on 024 7669 0000 or email