TruTac presented with Queen’s Award for Innovation

Market-proven software for PSV drivers’ hours management and safety improvement

TruTac, the tachograph and compliance experts, received a Queens Award for Innovation in April 2020. In formal recognition of the achievement, TruTac was recently presented with a coveted Queen’s Award for Enterprise Crystal by the Queen’s representative, Lord Lieutenant, at its Coventry office.

Managing Director Terry Ramsey said, “We are incredibly proud and delighted to have won the prestigious Queen’s Award for our innovative contribution towards safety and drivers’ hours management within the bus and coach industry. This award is in recognition of our ongoing innovative solutions for PSV operators, much the same as we have developed for the HGV industry, to aid compliance and reduce the risk of fines and other DVSA penalties.”

As long-standing providers and pioneers of tachograph analysis and compliance data control for the HGV industry, TruTac worked closely with the PSV sector to develop specific software for the industry and add to the company’s market-proven suite of software products.

“For the most part,” says Commercial Operations and Marketing Director Jemma James, “this award marks the culmination of our combined work with the passenger transport industry and is particularly for the development of tachograph analysis for the PSV 375 ruleset (DVSA general guidance about drivers’ and tachograph rules for passenger-carrying vehicles). This unique technological advancement says TruTac, is a first, which no other competitor has yet achieved.”

According to TruTac, many coach and bus operators were either relying on manual procedures to capture and record vehicle and driver activities or using software based on the HGV rule set which did not take account of the various rules for PSV. Both led to errors and difficulties in analysis, not least in presenting data for DVSA-related checks and auditing.

In overcoming these and other issues, TruTac’s software designers wrote an entirely different set of rules with unique algorithms, based on the PSV ruleset and the bespoke operational requirements of coach and bus operations within the UK and Europe.

The resulting software product, TruControl PSV – is a complete software suite developed for the industry – and was the defining reason TruTac went on to secure their commercial partnership with the CPT (Confederation of Passenger Transport). Not only does TruControl PSV and CPT Tacho Analysis improve driver performance but also reduces fatigue-related errors and infringements.

Terry Ramsey continues, “This award, and every future award and accolade that I am confident TruTac will receive, is incredibly well deserved by the whole team and recognises the effort that everyone puts in daily. And now we are part of the Microlise Group I believe this is a new beginning for us all and even greater things are ahead. This award is a terrific achievement and recognises why we are regarded as a market leader and is something that we can all be proud of. This award is truly on behalf of everyone at TruTac.”

Summing up, Microlise CEO Nadeem Raza said: “On behalf of the whole Microlise Group, we are immensely proud of this Queen’s Award for Innovation. This accolade emphasises our continued commitment to invest in and grow our products. We are not stopping here; this is just the start of even more innovative solutions to help our customers.”

The Award re-enforces TruTac’s commitment as the leading compliance partner to the PSV industry and is further testimony of the company’s innovative work with the CPT and on behalf of its members.