Industry Experts Speak at TruTac and SilkThread’s Earned Recognition Event

Leading industry experts, Beverley Bell, CBE, former Senior Traffic Commissioner and Philip Lapczuk, Product Specialist at Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) spoke at a recent Earned Recognition seminar held at Squab Hall in Leamington Spa.

The event was hosted by Labyrinth Logistics Consulting Ltd, the creators of SilkThread®, the award-winning operator licence management system provider and TruTac, the UK’s leading tachograph analysis company. Over 50 representatives from the country’s foremost vehicle operators attended to hear how DVSA Earned Recognition works and learned about pilot policies and processes relevant to the scheme.

Earned Recognition is a current industry ‘hot topic’. The DVSA is promoting the voluntary scheme for vehicle operators as a new way to prove they meet driver and vehicle standards, by regularly sharing performance information with DVSA. In return, vehicles are less likely to be stopped for roadside inspections.

Philip Lapczuk from the DVSA, presented an overview of the Earned Recognition concept, along with entry requirements and the department’s plans for the pilot.

Beverley Bell detailed her thoughts on why earned recognition is important for transport and presented a compelling case for a ‘joined-up’ approach to best practice industry standards.

During the day, attendees took the opportunity to ask both Philip and Beverley a variety of questions relating to Earned Recognition and asked about their thoughts regarding several pilot policies.

Event host Ruth Waring, Managing Director of Labyrinth Logistics Consulting, presented the high-level auditing processes for Earned Recognition pilot participants and outlined the numerous benefits available from the scheme.

“The event was a great success.” Said Ruth. “It provided food for thought for all those who attended, not least by sparking conversations about compliance and industry best practice.”

Joint host, TruTac, presented the drivers’ hours and daily walkaround compliance requirements for the scheme.

Jemma James, TruTac’s Director of Commercial Operations and Marketing commented:

“The lively question and answer sessions, mixed with feedback from those already on the pilot, provided a valuable insight regarding the scheme and helped to explain the direction in which the pilot should progress.”

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