TruTac Win Prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Market-proven software for driver’s hours management and safety improvement

TruTac, the UK’s leading designer and supplier of software solutions for PSV and HGV compliance control has won a Queen’s Award for their innovative contribution towards safety and drivers hours management within the bus and coach industry.

TruTac worked closely with the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT) and leading PSV operators to design a range of cloud-based software tools for accurate recording of vehicle and driver activities, thereby replacing unreliable manual procedures and enabling operators to comply with the specific safety and legal requirements of the PSV Sector.

TruTac’s Commercial Operations and Marketing Director, Jemma James explains:

“Many of our coach and bus operator customers were relying on manual procedures to capture and record vehicle and driver activities and not surprisingly, this was time-consuming and led to errors and difficulties in analysis, not least in presenting data for DVSA-related checks and auditing.”

In order to overcome these and other issues, TruTac’s software designers wrote an entirely different set of rules with unique algorithms, based on the PSV ruleset and the bespoke operational requirements of coach and bus operations within the UK and Europe. 

A resulting driver education software tool, TruDriver which is part of a complete software suite developed for the industry – enables drivers to view and access their own data records, thereby helping to improve performance and reduce fatigue-related errors and infringements. Moreover, using TruDriver, operators can improve auditing processes for driver debriefing and data management to comply with DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) and Traffic Commissioner regulations.

“Our bespoke software development and broader experience in the PSV sector led to TruTac winning the CPT’s Commercial Partner tender in 2014” continues Jemma, “and in subsequent times through close working partnerships with CPT and numerous coach and bus operators, TruTac has set itself apart from other tachograph analysis providers – as this Queen’s Award demonstrates.”

TruTac’s Managing Director Terry Ramsey, explains further:

We work closely with PSV and HGV operators, so their data helps them closely manage their operations while remaining compliant and protecting their operator’s licence. This award is in recognition of our ongoing innovative solutions for PSV operators, much the same as we have developed for the HGV industry, to aid compliance and reduce the risk of fines and other DVSA penalties.”

TruTac’s innovative software, which until 5 years ago did not exist, supports PSV and HGV drivers and operators whether working under EU or UK regulations, and the company works with many telematics and hardware providers to allow automatic and frequent downloading of data from vehicles and drivers.

Today, TruTac processes more than three million driver and vehicle records per month – an increase of more than 1.5 million per month from 2014 – a significant amount of data requiring innovative technology, such as the cloud, to deliver the results.

Terry Ramsey sums up regarding TruTac’s outstanding achievement:

“I cannot stress enough, the pleasure I felt when I learned that TruTac was being honoured with this prestigious award. As Managing Director, I know the amount of work, dedication and commitment that TruTac staff have put in over the years and this award recognises all of that. Accordingly, I want to thank all staff past and present who have played a part in TruTac’s fantastic success. Just as importantly, I would like to thank all our customers who have worked with us to make TruTac what it is today – the true leader in PSV and HGV compliance control software.”

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