TruTac works with telematics providers for remote compliance control

TruTac, the leading compliance control software designers, have undertaken a sustained period of development with major telematics providers throughout the UK, to provide TruTac customers with remote file downloading and assured compliance control anywhere in the UK and Europe.

Mindful of the fact that no ‘one size fits all’ TruTac takes an ‘agnostic’ approach and works with all systems and providers for remote file downloading and API integration.

Consequently, through TruTac’s remote file integration feature, operators can set up their own digital file remote download links with key TruTac-partnered suppliers.

Individual links can then easily be created to enable seamless remote downloads from over 30 suppliers, including: Trakm8, Microlise, Volvo Dynafleet, Renault OptiFleet, TomTom, Mercedes Fleetboard, Qualcomm, Scania and many others.

TruTac customers such as Fly by Nite, using Volvo Dynafleet and Cherry Load, calling on Mandata’s integrated VMS (vehicle management system), are benefiting from the combined services provided by TruTac and their numerous telematics partners.

“The combined Mandata and TruTac systems allow Cherry Load to remotely download and view data such as vehicle speeds, break intervals and daily working times.”  Explains Cherry Load’s Compliance Manager, Tracey La Porte. “All of which can be accessed on a single screen with individual driver averages and an automatic alert to flag up any anomalies.”

For Fly by Nite’s Transport Manager, Richard Brown, the benefits are equally as compelling:

“The combination of Volvo’s Dynafleet telematics and TruTac’s real-time analysis, allows Volvo to remotely download all our driver and vehicle tachograph data on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, including a 24-hour speed data file if required. All verified truck and driver card data is automatically downloaded straight to TruTac’s cloud-based system for real-time analysis, completely removing the need for any manual intervention.”

For further information contact TruTac on or call 02476690000.