Local Authority reduces admin hours using ‘easy-to-navigate’ software

In a bid to improve efficiency and minimise administration, Walsall Council reviewed their productivity tracker over two years ago and quickly made the decision to switch to TruTac’s TruControl software.

“When we went out to tender, TruTac’s system seemed easier to navigate than others we’d used previously, so we gave it a trial run and were happy with it” says Phillip Dutton, Transport Operations Manager. “It’s easy to use, not too complicated and reduces admin – the biggest selling points from our point of view. The only training we needed was a quick familiarisation session from TruTac when we first started.”

“We run a diverse fleet which includes trucks with Hiab’s, gritters and tippers, but most of our trucks are refuse collection vehicles” he explains. “Although the majority are fitted with digital tachographs, we occasionally send out one of our four remaining analogue vehicles, the data from which can also be scanned in with no trouble.”

TruControl is ideal for organisations like Walsall Council where employees need different levels of security access depending on their job role. The web-based system is also easy and non-disruptive to install. “TruTac’s aftersales service is very good too” adds Dutton. “On the rare occasion we have an issue, they’re always at the end of the phone and ready to help.”

Dutton continues “It’s just as easy getting information out of the system as it is feeding data in.” Accordingly, the TruControl system automatically generates a series of reports and delivers them to Dutton and his Compliance Officers by email overnight. “We no longer have to trawl through 400 or so reports to find infringements either” he says. “We simply get an email telling us which employees we need to speak to, then we do a face-to-face debrief using the debrief module within the system.”

Additionally, Dutton can vet new agency drivers on arrival by downloading their digicards and accessing up to six weeks’ worth of infringements within seconds. “This means we can decide who to let out in our vehicles up front rather than waiting until the damage is done – which is a real bonus!”

For further information please visit. or call the TruTac team on 024 7669 0000.