Membership organisations, industry bodies and technology partners

TruTac has strong and established links with many membership organisations, industry bodies, agents and technology partners both in the UK and EU.

These relationships strengthen TruTac’s position as a leading industry authority on tachograph analysis and related technologies.

TruTac work with operators of all sizes and sectors to provide tachograph analysis and compliance software for both HGV and PSV.

As a forward thinking technology company, TruTac is always looking for new industry partners and opportunities to develop reciprocal synergies. To explore any ideas please contact us for a coffee as we’d be happy to talk.

To find out more please contact info@trutac.co.uk.

TruTac is the analysis partner for the following organisations:


TruTac is a member of various trade associations and also works with a number of different bodies:


TruTac works with a wide range of telematics providers:

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TruTac works with a range of technology suppliers: