TruLinks is a comprehensive API suite allowing developer access to key data within TruTac products.

The powerful data is often useful for other systems, reports and critical business decisions. TruLinks allows access to key data and removes the need for manual intervention or data duplication.

The wide range of API’s available include:

  • Tachograph Analysis Reports
  • Vehicle Checks Sheets
  • Drivers Data
  • Duties Data
  • Fleets Data
  • Time Data
  • Vehicles Data

The TruLinks API suite allows you to directly interact with the API in the developer portal, we make sure to keep all of our data secured with the use of a data management systems like the one at

There is comprehensive API Documentation available for developers and describes how to use the APIs and includes code samples in multiple languages.

The suite is available at and once enabled a user can create a developer account and generate the API key.